Tyrone Turner on the Tenth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Novus Select photographer Tyrone Turner recently published two pieces for National Geographic’s Proof. Proof is an online photography journal, showcasing the voices of National Geographic photographers and editors to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the visual storytelling process.Turner’s two posts are focused on New Orleans, where he was born and raised. The posts are part of a series, with a third installment on the way, about the healing process of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. These posts are leading up to the tenth anniversary of the storm on August 29, 2015.

The first post, titled “Holding on to Heart and Soul in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward” looks at the rebuilding process for the Lower Ninth Ward, which became known as the city’s ground zero. To read the post, visit National Geographic here.

Turner 1 Turner 3 Turner 5 Turner 7

The second post, “Remembering a Young Life Lost With Joy and Sorrow,” tells the story of a New Orleans’ community grieving the death of Malik Kyran, 18, who was shot and killed in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward in October of 2014. The post, with images of Malik’s funeral, reflects on the high crime rate in New Orleans and the relationship between Hurricane Katrina and youth violence. To read this post, visit National Geographic here.

New Orleans Tyrone TurnerNew OrleansTyrone Turner New Orleans Tyrone Turner New OrleansTyrone Turner

Wonderful Machine Celebrates the Work of Rachid Dahnoun

Wonderful Machine recently published a feature on Novus Select photographer Rachid Dahnoun. Rachid resides in Lake Tahoe, and his backyard has served as the background for much of Rachid’s landscape photography.

A pier heads off into the distance at dusk in Lake Tahoe, California

The feature explores how Rachid has found endless inspiration and opportunity in Lake Tahoe. Rachid moved to Lake Tahoe four years ago, and he finds it to be the “heart of the adventure world,” and conducive to combining his passions for art and adventure.

A beautiful pristine beach at sunset on the east shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.Rachid says, “Living in Lake Tahoe is like living in a developed National Park. There are amazing scenes to shoot literally right out my front door…The diversity of scenes I have to shoot within a days drive is absolutely endless.”

rachid 2He goes on to explain his philosophy: “My philosophy on landscape photography is simple. I shoot it because I love it…When I’m behind the lens creating a picture that I’m passionate about, that’s when I’m in my happy place.”

rachid 4

Rachid also credits Novus Select and sister company Aurora Photos for kicking off his career and placing his work on a global scale.

To read the full article, visit Wonderful Machine here.

To see more work by Rachid, visit the Novus Select site here.

Celin Serbo Selected as Finalist in Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Novus Select photographer Celin Serbo’s film “The Skater” has been selected as a finalist in this years Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival. This marks the second festival selection for this film with the Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, Co being the first. Celin describes the film as “a meditation on the perception of risk relative to the sport of mixed climbing while viewed through the lens of a Soren Kierkegaard poem from 1846.”

The short features world class mixed climber Will Mayo on several of his test piece routes that he established last winter near Vail, CO.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 11.49.04 AM

To see more work by Celin Serbo, check out his Commercial and Adventure Sports portfolios on the Novus Select site here.

You can also see more work on Celin’s site here.

Katja Heinemann’s Traveling Walgreens’ HIV Exhibit

Walgreens recently announced the launch of Well Beyond HIV™, a national campaign that provides a glimpse into the lives of older adults living with HIV. The work of Novus Select photographer Katja Heinemann is front and center of the campaign, a traveling art exhibit, and is founded on her project The Graying of AIDS.

The exhibit will make its first stop in Miami, Fla., this Saturday, Jan. 17.

Walgreens launched Well Beyond HIV to educate the public and act as a resource for those living with HIV. The campaign aims to inspire dialogue, eradicate stigmas and amplify the voices, faces and stories of those over 50 living with HIV. Katja was the perfect person to take on the responsibility of providing the visuals, given that she has spent years working on HIV-related photography projects.

Walgreens recently released this video promotion on the exhibit:

The exhibit will take place on Saturday, Jan. 17, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Miami Beach Edition Hotel in Miami. The exhibit is open to the public on Sunday, Jan. 18, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This is not the only stop for the exhibit; it will move on from here and Novus Select will be there to document its travels.

To see more work by Katja Heinemann, visit the Novus Select site here.

To read the full press release on the exhibit, click here.

Saul Bromberger and Sandra Hoover on World Aids Day

Monday, December 1st, was World AIDS Day, a day that allows for the opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV. On Monday, Mother Jones published a documentary photo essay by Novus Select photographers Saul Bromberger and Sandra Hoover.

The essay is about the Bailey-Boushay House, an AIDS hospice in Seattle, WA., that Saul and Sandra photographed from 1992 – 1995, and then again in 1997.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.29.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.29.17 PM

Saul and Sandra say about the project: “It’s the best story that’s been written about the project — beautifully written and capturing what we experienced and felt when we were doing this project, as well as for its attention to the historical context of the time.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.29.55 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-03 at 1.28.56 PM

To read the piece on Mother Jones, click here.

To see more work by Saul and Sandra, click here.

TOKYO POP Exhibition by Androniki Christodoulou

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan (FCCJ) recently welcomed Novus Select photographer Androniki Christodoulou to their exhibition stage. From November 1st – December 5th at their Main Bar & Masukomi Sushi, Androniki will display a collection of photos taken over a period of 10 years called TOKYO POP.


Androniki describes the exhibit as “an ongoing visual diary from the streets, the people, assignments, and sometimes just because I had my camera. Japan’s unique and colorful popular culture was one of the reasons I first came and I’m still captivated by it. The mixture between tradition and new trends, uniformity and the extremes, there is space for everything. Popular culture in Tokyo isn’t something that is fixed. It flows and changes faces, but there are always these special moments and people who create its highlights. I try to capture the mood of the places and situations as I experienced them in these transient moments.”

To see more work by Androniki, visit the Novus Select site here.

For more information on the exhibit, visit the FCCJ site here.